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+91 92092 73055
+91 92092 73055
D-Block Market, LSC, Vasant Vihar, Near HDFC bank, New Delhi-110057.
Doctors Plaza, Gagan Vihar, Near Preet Vihar RG Stone Hospital.
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Dr. Prachi Dua

Homoeopathic Physician
Vasant Vihar and Gagan Vihar (Delhi)
Welcome to Dr. Prachi Dua’s Clinic


 Dr Prachi Dua is a renowned Homoeopathic Physician, known for her result based classical homeopathy practice. Clinics are located in Delhi, however worldwide consultations and PAN India shipping of medicines have enabled her to serve thousands of patients across the globe. Prescription is based on holistic medicine, considering all aspects of health, mental and physical, personalising a medicine for each patient. Being an AYUSH certified yoga teacher, she also advices specific practices that can benefit your condition, especially seen helpful in female hormonal cases. Treatment includes not just medicinal doses, but guidance about diet and lifestyle changes, as and when required. Almost all diseases, ranging from coryza to cancer have curative or palliative treatment options, with classical homoeopathic treatment. And since the chief aim is to cater to all patients, clinic also introduced “Health Fortnights” where free consultation is provided to BPL and needy patients with chronic illness free of any cost, twice every month.





Samneet Anand
Samneet AnandCustomer
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Amazing doctor She is really knowledgeable and great to interact. Medicines and prescription provided by her works wonders. Highly recommended!!
Jasleen Arneja
Jasleen ArnejaCustomer
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I reached out to Dr. Prachi Dua last year. All my consultations took place virtually, and she was able to clear all my doubts very well. I saw results within first month of taking medication. I was also able to cure my migraine and sleep disorder with her help. She made sure to take regular follow ups .
AnJali Dua
AnJali DuaCustomer
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I was taking allopathic medication since about a decade when I decided to try homeopathy and took Dr Prachi’s treatment for about 6 months. Now I’m not dependent on any medication and have improved both, mental and physical health.
Sargam Marwaha
Sargam MarwahaCustomer
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Very appropriate diagnosis by Dr. Dua. She was able to treat my chronic migraine situation within a few weeks.
I K Nagpal
I K NagpalCustomer
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Got cure for thyroid and cholesterol treatment,good experience..
pavitra Gupta
pavitra GuptaCustomer
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Felt much better right after the first dose. Highly recommended!
Naman Arora
Naman AroraCustomer
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Probably the best doctor one could ever consult. Any ailment can be cured provided you follow her medications religiously.
Rachna Bajaj
Rachna BajajCustomer
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Treatment was effective. Great doctor👍 …


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